Water Damage Team

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Water Damage Team

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Water Damage Team

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When It Comes To A Wet Basement, Getting Dry Is Critical To Maintaining Safety

Water damage from a wet basement after a stormThousands of basements across North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Virginia suffer from flooding each and every year. There are several different situations that can cause flooding, and it remains a risk in all seasons.

Fierce winter storms can team up with drainage issues and create a wet basement problem, or frozen pipes can burst and flood a basement within a very short time. In the summer and spring, fierce rains can flood a basement in a matter of just a few minutes.

In order to make sure your basement is safe, it’s important to take action right away. Allowing a wet basement to stay that way for even a few hours can create problems that might take a long time to resolve. For example:

Wet Basements Are A Haven For Mold
Mold already exists in the outdoor environment, so it continuously traffics indoors as people go in and out. However, mold doesn’t generally take root in a home unless there’s lots of moisture to take advantage of. Mold can worsen lung issues or make a home too dangerous to live in.
Wet Basements Weaken Your Home’s Foundation
Your home’s foundation is its most important structural element. Damage to your foundation can cause all of the walls and floors that depend on it to become warped and cracked. The thing that damages foundations the most? An unresolved wet basement.
Wet Basements Can Lead To Electrical Issues
It’s crucial to make sure that electrical power isn’t flowing to a wet basement. Professionals need to act fast in order to be certain that your basement is dried and restored before standing water is high enough to do permanent damage to your wiring.

The Water Damage Team Can Be Working On Your Basement In Just 30 Minutes

Regardless of where you are in our service area, our team members can be on-site at your home or business within just half an hour -- no matter what time of the day or night you give us a call.

We identify the source of your issue, remove the water from your basement, and can enact a full restoration plan to protect your property. That includes dealing with full flood water cleanup and storm water damage problems.

Don’t wait for the service you need to protect your home. Call or email the Water Damage Team. We respond to emails within seconds!






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