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Water Damage Team

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Water Damage Team

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How to help prevent water damage from frozen pipes

If you're going to leave your home for a while, or if you're going on vacation for a few days during a cold weather spell, be sure to leave the heat on! Why? Because if you won't leave the heat on, you may return home and find huge and expensive damages to your water system caused by frozen pipes!

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes From Causing Water Damages:

  • When leaving your property for a long period, turn off the main water supply line coming into the property. You can call your plumber to winterize the house if you're not sure.
  • Drain all the water from your hot water heater. Be sure to turn off the circuit breaker so you don't burn out the element in the heater.
  • Drain your hot and cold water lines so there is no water left in either line. Draining the water system from the lowest point in the home, like the sink on the lowest level of your home, should be fine.
  • If you must leave the water flowing, then leave the heat on! The operating heat can prevent from pipes to burst in your home. Although it won't guarantee damaged pipes, it can definitely reduce the odds of a frozen water pipe burst.

Freezing Weather Can Burst Pipes

If you have burst pipes, leaking pipes or frozen pipes to burst in your home you can call the Water Damage Team for an emergency water extraction and assessment of the damages. Be sure to inform us what areas have been damaged as this will help us when arriving at the scene for the emergency service. Also, shut off the water flow in your property if its still on. If the water damage is caught soon enough, it will make the restoration process faster, easier and less expensive. The longer the damage, the higher the chances of mold growth.

Fixing a Bursting Frozen Pipe in a Flooded Property

Image of a burst pipe, burst pipes,pipe burst, burst water pipe or bursting pipes

Have you arrived home from being out all day and found water in every room in your home? Yes, it happens a lot. Water damage affects thousands of homes on a daily basis across the US. Most water damage claims are covered by insurance companies, though you should check your policy for the coverage of your particular problem. Here are a few steps to take if this happens to you:

- First, if the water is still running, shut down the main supply of water to the house. Take pets and small children out of home and move them to a dry area. The last thing you need is for small children and pets getting hurt in the home.
- If it's safe, shut down the main electrical power to the property until the damage to the water systems can be properly assessed.
- Call the Water Damage Team for a free assessment of your problem. We are available for emergencies anytime, 24/7.
- Once our team arrives at the site, our technicians will check for the extent of the damages to your property and draw a restauration plan. After signing the work authorization, we will start the restoration project.
- Identifying and fixing hazards should be the next step.
- Then, our team will extract the water of all the affected areas. Sometimes an area might appear to be dry but should be checked by a moisture probe to ensure the area is dry and is not left wet. These probes are very useful and are the eyes for the restoration company for any hidden moisture pockets and help prevent odors and most of all having a mold issue.
- We will remove any wet materials such as padding, laminate flooring, wet boxes, drywall. Basically it would be the restoration company's decision on what needs to be removed to insure proper drying. At some point we will apply the anti-microbial material.

Calling a reliable water damage company like the Water Team Damage will prove to be a great decision! This way you won't have to do anything by yourself, extract water or rent the equipment to dry your home.

Water Damage Team serves all fifty states with 24hr/7days a week services. You can get help fast on our website for any of your sewage or water damage emergencies. You can also call us at 800-533-0626 anytime day or night for free advice. Our phones are answered by actual water damage restoration consultants who care about what’s best for the customers.






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