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Washing Machine Overflow

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Washing Machine Overflow – Servicing Washing Machine Overflow

No homeowner likes to face that dreaded moment when they have to deal with washing machine overflow. Since individuals need to use washing machines to maintain clean clothing, having to service such problem can be rather time consuming and frustrating, not to mention the water damage that can occur. If you experience water damage resulting from an overflow, make sure you contact a professional water restoration and repair company. They have the tools and the experience necessary to clean, remediate, and restore any structural damage caused by water. Failing to address the problem immediately could result in even further damages.

There are a few reasons why washing machine overflow may occur. The problem may be rooted in a faulty half valve, bad pressure switch, broken pressure tubing, or even a clog. You can determine if the problem is hardware or electrical related using a series of easy tests. Turn you washing machine on as normal and let it fill with water for a few moments. While the washer is still filling, turn the knob off. If you notice the water is still running, it may be the valve. Unplug the washing machine and if it still fills, it is most likely the valve.

If the machine stops filling when it is unplugged, you have an electrical related problem. Although there are ways to test which electrical component has gone bad, it is best to hire a professional. You run the risk of harm or electrocution, particularly if you do not know what you are doing. If you are familiar with electrical appliances and you are able to determine the problem, let the service contractor know so they can assist you in correcting the issue. Correct the problem as soon as possible to avoid extensive water damage caused by continuous overflow.

If your home has received any damage caused by the water from washing machine overflow, contact a professional water damage restoration and repair company. They will come out, assess the damage and provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to fix the problem. Even in some of the worst conditions, service contractors can repair the damage room in little to no time. Extensive damage may require additional services and care. Talk with the contractors to determine what additional services are needed so you can restore your room and get back to more important issues in life.






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