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Water Damage and Restoration - The Industry Standard Certification

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Water damage and restoration, industry standard certification

The government does not regulate certification of water damage and restoration specialists. However, there are certification organizations within the industry. The Clean Trust certifies professionals in mold removal, water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage repair, and sewage cleanup, among other categories. The Clean Trust is the new name for an existing non-profit organization called the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration. The Clean Trust creates these certification programs and trains schools and instructors to offer them. The organization does not offer certification itself. This organization has been a part of the water damage industry since 1972. IICR certification is considered industry standard.

Among the certifications offered, there are journeyman technician and master levels attainable. These are distinguished not just by training and testing, but also by years of experience in the industry. Water damage and restoration techniques can help home and business owners get back their homes and buildings to a safe and clean standard. Professionals in the water damage industry need to understand the necessary equipment, cleaning solutions, and protective gear. There are various methods for water, smoke, mold, and fire damage restoration. However, they also need to understand when to use each of the different methods dealing with damage caused by water and other substances.

Being able to assess a water damage situation and formulate solutions to the problems is a major skill set for water damage and restoration professionals. Certified individuals must be able to spot signs of mold growth, mildew, and damage from water, smoke, and fire. They need to know where to look for the most likely areas of mold growth. Restoring water damaged property to its former glory starts with realizing what is wrong in the first place. Safely restoring damaged property also includes knowing about dealing with contaminated water or sewage. Protective gear and specialty equipment is necessary for sewage and other black water.

Choosing a Clean Trust (IICR) certified company for your water damage and restoration needs enables you to be confident that the professionals cleaning up your property are trained, capable, and experienced. These specialists know how to handle all types of damage from water and related substances. They can help remove excess water, dry out the area, clean up the contamination, and prevent or remove mold. Certified professionals can even help assess whether or not furniture can be restored after water or fire damage. When you have water damage, a quick start on the cleanup and restoration process is essential as mold can begin to grow in a very short time period. Call in a certified professional as soon as you discover water damage or flooding. 






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